Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the mess in your closet?  I know I have. That's why I created House of Chandelier, a closet organizational and styling service.  I help individuals and families purge and organize their wardrobes for maximum, functional space. House of Chandelier also provides personal styling and shopping services.

My goal with House of Chandelier is to create an affordable apparel and accessory closet, with an aura of a chandelier for an elegant touch. In addition to the services provided, you can also add small changes that like a splash of color on the walls or wood grain hangers, that will make your closest even better!  Want to revamp your entire closet? Great! New paint, hangers, shelving, storage and accessory displays are all changes that can be made. However how much you would like to change or expand space is totally up to you. I am super excited to change the way you view your wardrobe. I think you'll be surprised how this makeover will change your view on fashion!