Earn Up To 70% off the selling price!


Consign With Us!!!

They say one person's trash is another person's treasure.  When we fall out of love, with what was once our 'favorite garments', we should not just give those items away.  Instead, you should bring or mail your belongings to House of Chandelier and make instant cash!  House of Chandelier would like to help you purge your closet, so you can make money off your gently used clothing, handbags, accessories and shoes.  Sell us your mall and contemporary brand named pieces or participate in our Tier Drop Consignor Program by consigning your high-end designer goods.  We accept women's clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories.

All you have to do are follow these 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Purge Your Closet – Filter through your closet and decide what you are no longer wearing.  We like to suggest, that if the garment is no longer your size, style or has not been worn in the last 2 years.....SELL IT!  Do not feel sad about ridding yourself of those unwanted goods.  When you purge and clean your closet, you are helping another attain a great wardrobe at a lower price.  You also help yourself by making extra cash and space in your closet for new fashions. 

Step 2: Brands we accept, click link: Consign With Us

Step 3:  Consigning Criteria:

  • Condition - We accept new and good conditioned items with no stains, holes, torn hems, broken zippers, odors, etc. 
  • Style - We accept items of current styles/trends and has been present in the malls, within the last few years.
  • Clean - Please make sure your items are freshly laundered.
  • Season - We accept Spring & Summer items from February through July.  We accept Fall & Winter garments from August to January.

**You can bring items folded or hanging, whatever is easiest for you!

Step 4: Consigning Process:

  • Gather at least 5 of your items using the above criteria.
  • Contact us via email at houseofchandeliers@outlook.com to schedule a date.  We will meet at a centralized location or if outside the Charlotte metropolitan area, we will send you a shipping label. 
  • Once your items has been received, they will be reviewed, selections will be made and an offer will be presented to you within 48 business hours.
  • You will have the opportunity to accept or reject the offer.  If you accept our offer, payment will be submitted to you in the form of cash, money order or electronic funds transfer.  If you reject our offer, we will gladly return your goods back to you or we can donate them to a non-profit organization. 

Step 5: Transcation Complete!

Calling all boutiques!!!

Do you own a boutque and have unsold clothing? 

House of Chandelier offers boutique buyouts, where we will purchase your unsold and overstock inventory. This is a great way to turn your leftover inventory into cash flow for next season’s gems!  For inquiries, please contact us at houseofchandeliers@outlook.com.